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About us
Since 2016, My family members have decided to engage in wine making because of our desire to have our own business and the love for the wine culture. That’s how Sarafyan wines were created. We tried to combine old and new Armenian winemaking traditions in one bottle. Only local grape varieties are used in production. The company produces 4 types of wine. red-dry and semi-sweet and white-dry and semi-sweet. Wines have a delicate, harmonious, flavorful bouquet and an excellent velvety oforma.
Since 2018, We have a new product, Muscat dry wine. During the preparation, grape juice is consumed not more than 50% of raw material (CUVEE), which is more aromatic and high quality, and it helps to make good wine. Today Sarafyan wines produce high-quality grape and fruit and berry wines, fruit vodka, etc. For more information about products or visiting our wonderful winery you can easily contact with us.
Contact us
Sarafyan winery Enjoy our wines with us! Everybody is welcome to visit us and have the opportunity to enjoy harmonious flavor bouquet of our wines.